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Supporting you into a better system

All Octavia products are covered by our software support contracts. This ensures that help is always at hand to guide you through a problem or answer your questions.
We encourage all users to take the annual software upgrades. These include the necessary legislative changes and product upgrades, which often come as a result of customer feedback or suggestions from our eagle eyed implementors while out with customers.
Different levels of contract are available with OSKA, so you are able to scale your contract up or down depending on the current level of support you are providing to clients. This means that OSKA will always provide you with a cost effective and scalable solution.


Our support package

Project Management

Project Management is essential to the successful implementation of a project, and our dedicated team are highly experienced in supporting both new and existing clients to successfully complete projects within their desired time frames. This is achieved by following a clear and efficient process which keeps you informed at every stage of the project, and has delivered success time and time again. All of our project management includes:

  • Thorough initial planning sessions to set key milestones and responsibilities
  • Regular project meetings to ensure the project is on track
  • Highlight reports which give you the chance to re-assess priorities as the project evolves
  • Closure reports to ensure that all parties are happy that the project has been delivered successfully

This simple proccess provides all clients with an excellent management tool that tracks the project from start to finish.

Implementation & Training

Our implementation consultants are OSKA product specialists and understand what you need from the system. In line with the project plan they will work with you to ensure that OSKA is configured to suit your requirements and data collections processes. We make OSKA work for you, not the other way around.

Training is delivered at relevant stages throughout the project. Many of our clients find the most efficient and cost effective solution is to hold initial training with system administrators and follow the model of ‘train the trainer’. This allows us to create a small group of OSKA experts, who are then able to train system champions and end users at a pace which suits your organisation. This approach gives people within your organisation the skills to continue delivering OSKA training beyond the scope of the project.

We can also provide extensive training for all end users if you prefer this approach.

Review & Improvement Service

You will find that the value of OSKA continues to increase the more you and your staff make use of it, and we aim to speed up the initial adoption process by offering a full review and improvement service. This consists of a number of days where an implementer returns to site to review your use of OSKA and how it is meeting your day to day data use and management reporting requirements.

Getting the most out of your system year on year

Getting more from OSKA
It is possible to get all of your management information from OSKA relating to; service and individual outcomes, service delivery time, caseloads, safeguarding compliance, SP returns and many other areas where evidence of delivery and quality is required.
Matching your Growth
When you have won new contracts or are need to add additional services to OSKA, we will work with you to ensure OSKA is set-up in the best possible way to match your changing needs.

Refresher Training
Refresher training is key to making sure your are up to date with all of the latest improvements and new features in OSKA, which is key in continuing to get the most out of your investment in OSKA.