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About OSKA

OSKA is well established within the Social Housing sector for the management of Care and Support contracts, it’s use has been expanded to providers of work and training programs and other preventative services delivered by the voluntary sector.
A modular system where each module can link to another to form one data store for all areas of your business. This delivers consistency across departments and enables reporting to draw on data from different areas of the business.
Designed with the future in mind OSKA is written using the latest technology and is a fully hosted solution giving you access from almost anywhere.


Core Modules


The Contacts module is the hub of OSKA, all activity within the software links back to a contact. OSKA comes with a wide range of contact types, such as Client/Resident/Staff Member, each type has it’s own set of screens and processes. The security settings ensure access to sensitive data is only afforded to authorised users. Attachments and mail merge letters are categorised and stored against each contact.

Advanced Security

OSKA has a sophisticated security module that is now part of the standard product. This starts with the data pulling through from Active Directory and continues through to reporting and data viewing. Users can be grouped dependent on service areas, geographical areas, seniority, contact types and reporting groups. System areas that require signatures are security restricted to team leaders and managers. The security module is designed to ensure that data and functionality is only accessible to those who are authorised.

Service Delivery Modules

Provides all that is required to manage and monitor the services that you deliver. Security levels ensure the right people have access to the data. Mobile data capture improves efficiency, saving time and money. Outcome recording provides the data required to safeguard your contracts.

Service Records & Contact Sessions

Every client has their own service record for each contact session, providing a complete case history over months and years, essential for managing effective service delivery. Services or Projects are operated on a waiting list and on-service basis giving you important data about the demand for the services you are delivering.

The Contact Sessions area of OSKA enables any contact with a client to be recorded, categorised, date and time stamped and assigned to a staff member and service specific. As with many areas of OSKA, time recorded in a contact session can auto complete the relevant staff member’s timesheet.

Support Planning & Assessments

From Referral to Outcome OSKA provides all the tools needed to capture the delivery of the services you provide. The Assessment process is simple and leads directly into a Support Plan, linked to calendars, emails and background documents each client’s journey can be assessed and measured along the way. Review dates straight to your calendar keep progress on track. Using the tablet for input the ‘About me’ section of the support plan provides a great tool for the people you are caring for to record their thoughts, views and photos.

The simple format of each assessment make updating quick and easy, repeat assessment dates are stored each time a review is completed providing a history for measurement of progress. Assessments are linked to Support Plans and form part of one of the standard templates.

Tenancy Sustainment/IHM

Recording and reporting on the Tenancy Sustainment and Intensive Housing Management services that you deliver to your residents is essential to help them to manage their tenancy independently through compliance with the responsibilities of the tenancy or through delivering support through enhanced housing management. OSKA provides the tools to capture the data you need to evidence the support provided and to enable high level reporting to be produced to report back to funders. Our cloud solution OSKA+ includes offline working and provides simple forms to track progress and highlight issues immediately they arise, enabling early prevention measures to be put in place.

Contract Management

Contract management becomes a very straightforward task. Everything you might need to record about your contracts is there in simple to use screens. Attaching people is a breeze, entering CQC scores simple. Generate invoices to commissioners or create a schedule for finance to create the invoice. Reports provide updates on delivery against contract; outcomes achieved (payment by results), hours delivered v hours contracted. It even delivers payment due and availability schedules.


The Safeguarding Module gives you everything you need to record each safeguarding incident or accident. When an incident occurs, the user fills in a quick and simple form which prompts them at every stage. Upon completion it is automatically passed to the next person in the chain for sign-off. In this way, entire safeguarding episodes are securely captured with comprehensive information to enable you to thoroughly analyse all your safeguarding issues. As with all of OSKA’s modules, a full audit trail is maintained in case a question should arise after the event.

Private Sector Leasing

The OSKA Private Sector Leasing module delivers on; increased productivity; value for money; accurate reporting; compliance and data protection. Used with OSKA mobile you will have access on your tablet to; pre-populated and the facility to record photographs and signatures. OSKA can be set up to reflect your internal procedures including key task dates, ensuring critical safety events are never missed. Octavia work in partnership with industry specialists who can get involved to help you to get the most out of the software and to ensure your procedures cover all compliance issues.

Why Choose OSKA

OSKA provides the tools that are essential for ensuring that your organisation is able to deliver cost effective services that are well managed, giving you the data needed to demonstrate quality outcomes.  Once implemented it is easy to highlight service areas that need attention or to use reports to help tailor best practise. Access to relevant and accurate data is key to the retention of existing contracts and to winning new business.

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