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At Octavia we are dedicated to providing businesses with a product that is always ahead of the curve, and we do this through constant integration of new technologies and the development of add-ons to enhance the core system. The biggest and most effective change we have seen in recent years is the arrival of mobile working, this comes in many forms. We at Octavia have assessed the market and added to our product the most popular and efficient solutions as detailed below.
We encourage you to take the annual software upgrades which include the necessary legislative changes and product upgrades. These upgrades are the result of our development teams hard work, and our close working relationship with all of our customers which allows us to understand the ever evolving needs of the Care & Support industry.
Unlike other providers of Care & Support software, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. That is why OSKA is available different levels of contract are available, making it fully scalable to match the needs and requirements of your contracts. This makes our software easier to use, and more cost effective to run, as we only provide you with the modules that you actually need.


A mobile solutions for every business…

Tablet Forms

Tablet forms are simple to use, quick to deploy and deliver efficiencies. Forms are designed with you to collect data and signatures while out with your clients or while checking rooms/care equipment. Once complete it is submitted via the internet to the OSKA database, updating data tables. Pre filled forms make completion even quicker as much of the data will be there already. The iPad forms solution offers many other tracking and time saving features.

Digital Pens

Digital Pens offer a simple pen and paper style solution which seamlessly transmit data from the page to the database with one tick of a box. Great for recording a visit or assessment and for capturing signatures. Forms can be pre-designed or tailored to suit your requirements. Once forms are completed, data is transmitted safely via a docking station or mobile phone to OSKA, which will automatically update information within the database and produce a PDF of the form for your records.

Web Forms

Web screens available via the browser on any device complete our mobile package. Mobile working with OSKA really does deliver an effective solution, not only providing data capture but also the retrieval of documents and previously recorded data.

Advanced Security

OSKA is delivered with a sophisticated and configurable security module that now forms part of the standard product. Designed to restrict access to sensitive data to only those that need it, this feature offers multi-level access to give you peace of mind that the client data you hold is safe.

Once an add-on, now a standard feature for all clients

Managing Staff Access
The security module provides a structure which enables your organisation to assign staff and agencies access to only the data and functionality they need access to which provides your clients data with the highest level of protection. At another level client data can be restricted by the services they are assigned to, for example; a client may be on a housing service for which the data can be seen a range of staff and also on a Rehabilitation service for which only one or two specialist staff can access the data.
Ensuring Client Protection
OSKA can only be accessed by staff/agents who are authorised. Client data is more secure in the OSKA database than on a desk or in a paper file. OSKA ticks all the data protection boxes, ensuring that your client data is safe.