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Care and Support Software

We provide Care and Support software for organisations delivering outcome led services such as older peoples services, care and support, skills based training, tenant sustainment/intensive housing management and other voluntary sector services. Proven to deliver significant financial savings while strengthening compliance, improving data accuracy and reducing the bureaucratic burden. Our customers include large, high profile housing associations and a number of other voluntary sector organisations such as Women’s Aid’s and YMCA’s.

Over the last 15 years we have worked closely with our customers to continue to develop this specialist software to ensure the products we deliver to you incorporate the latest technology and meet the changing needs of the sector.

The OSKA Care and Support Software Suite

Providing all the tools you need to manage:

Care & Support and other Preventative Services where a measurable outcome structure is required

Training and Employment skills delivery to help young people to live independently through social & personal life skills that increase their employability and job sustainment

Safeguarding across all your staff and tenants

Tenancy Sustainment/Intensive Housing Management services to assist your tenants in maintaining their tenancy and improving their lives

Older People’s Services for residents and floating support whether out in the community, at home or in hospital

Security Settings/Data Access Restrictions The advanced security settings ensure that sensitive data is only visible to those with the correct access rights

Advanced Level security – restriction of data at company level

Group Level  – restricted to low level data

Functionality Level – restriction to modules/screens and buttons


OSKA Desktop

OSKA Desktop sits at the heart of the OSKA suite providing you with a secure, simple to use system that enables you to manage and report on data that is important to your business.  An extra layer of flexibility and control is immediately available when OSKA+ and OSKA Formworks are introduced.


OSKA+ and OSKA Formworks

OSKA+ is available via the web on any device and gives your staff the ability to view all data held against an individual while providing them with a platform to collect and update the system with detail relating to their visits. It significantly improves the end user experience, offering easy efficient input and data retrieval while working away from your desk.

OSKA Formworks our unique offline solution has been developed to give field staff the tools to work in the most effective way even when an internet connection is not available.  Instant time saving features and background work flows can be triggered by the press of a button allowing traceable communication with other departments and staff while out on a visit. OSKA Formworks updates the background system instantly providing managers with an up to the minute view of progress and outstanding actions.


OSKA Product Information

OSKA provides a fully modular solution, enabling you to custom build the right system for your organisation. This makes OSKA the ideal solution for organisations of all sizes in the social housing sector, whatever contracts they are working on.

OSKA add ons

OSKA is available with a number of add-ons to increase the productivity of your staff, and help you monitor the outcomes on your contracts. This means staff can spend less time completing administrative tasks, and more time with their clients.

OSKA Support & Implementation

At Octavia, we are dedicated to providing a high quality service to all of our clients, which is why we offer a range of support and implementation services from low level involvement to total system management. This ensures that you and your staff get the most out of your investment.