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Who We Are

Octavia Software has been supplying solutions to the social housing sector since 1999, your changing requirements and our desire to keep on trend with technology ensure our solutions remain current.

Our Mobile product range includes on and off line working, pre-filled forms and time saving features. We deliver a great solution whether you are on the move or sat at a desk.

We are a Microsoft development partner and only develop using their products.

We get involved in sector projects such as the alternative SP Data Collection tool. Our solution was quickly put in place to fill that worrying gap left when your current service came to an abrupt end.

Further Information

Do you make bespoke changes?Yes but we incorporate all changes into the standard product, using configuration one system fits all. We house our customer’s data in secure data centres located in the UK.

Is there support available? Our support team is there to help whenever you have a question.

What is topical? We are working with a number of clients to put in place processes to manage Tenancy Sustainment & Intensive Housing Management

What are long standing customers doing? Updating to the latest features; Safeguarding, Digital Forms, Health and Safety room checks and Dashboard.

What is your current focus? Launching OSKA+ our cloud solution is our main priority its simple forms and dashboard access will benefit existing and new customers.

Our Team

Our dedicated team are committed to providing you with industry leading software that delivers the results you need

HOME Sue Lyons CEO

HOME Paul Gamble Senior Developer

With Octavia from the start Paul continues to turn good ideas into usable software processes.

HOME Liam Maggs Experienced Developer & Implementer

Liam has worked with OSKA for many years from a technical aspect through to an end user experience.

HOME Elaina Mack Marketing Executive